Preveli – Phaistos – Matala – Spili

Enjoy the magnificent tour of South Crete. During this excursion you will have the opportunity of visiting the beach of Damnoni, where our traditional boat waits for us. After a little cruise of thirty minutes, we proceed the incredible palm beach of Preveli. Recalling the times when the island of Crete looked like Africa, Preveli preserves its unique character among the rocky places of the island. Natural beauty and small waterfalls can been seen. Afterwards, we get to the monastery of Preveli, a religious and cultural centre for the local population. The upper monastery contains numerous religious relics and icons, and many of its buildings, now heavily restored, are open to the public. Kourtaliotiko Gorge is our next stop; there is a specific point on the gorge, about 20 metres from the northern entrance, where you can hear some  “claps”, like hands coming together. At the end, you get great a deal of what we call in Greek “parea”, what is to say a little snack combining with Cretan hospitality. Moreover, prepare to explore the ancient world of Phaistos, a state which was ruled from Knossos under a monarchy symbolized by “King Minos”. Last but not least, we visit the last resort of Hippies, the famous caved beach of Matala. It is possible to meet there the last of the Hippes. On our way back you have the chance to admire the traditional cretan village of Spili and refresh yourself at the watersprings.